Author, Inspirational Speaker, Consultant, Storyteller

"A New Spirit for the Obstacles, Delays & Cancellations in Life."

Jason Barger spent seven straight days flying 6,458 miles to seven different cities - without leaving the airports the entire time. His observations and reflections on the ways we are moving throughout our world became the globally celebrated book Step Back from the Baggage Claim: Change the World, Start at the Airport. Barger's metaphor speaks to the significance of each individual and the ability we all have to change the cultures of the spaces we move in and out of everyday. His messages through his books, as a motivational/inspirational speaker, and as a consultant are resonating with businesses, nonprofits, faith communities, and universities that are passionate about Leadership, Culture Change, Service, Innovation, Compassionate Management, and Social Responsibility. Join the grateful and compassionate Movement! Travel Gracefully.

Why a Motivational Speaker or Inspirational Speaker? Change begins with inspiration and motivation to do things differently, better. Organizations around the globe are connecting with this baggage claim metaphor and Jason’s unique style as an inspirational speaker to challenge the status quo regarding attitude, leadership, creativity, and excellence. Jason is a natural storyteller who strives to authentically connect with each audience - whether as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, retreat facilitator, coach, or ongoing consultant. His journey leading over 1700 people to build 125 houses internationally for families in need adds profound depth to his insights as an inspirational speaker for organizations looking to stimulate progress in their world. Learn more about Jason Barger as a keynote speaker or change agent in your organization. Join the Movement.